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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I place an order?


Please refer to our "How to Place an Order" tab in our menu above.


2. Is there a minimum order that must be placed?


Yes, the minimum order for shipment is $100 CAD.


3. When will my order be shipped?


Your order will be shipped approximately 1 week before the date you wish to receive the items. This ensures that there is enough time for your package to cross the border and reach you in time.


4. How long will it take to receive my order once it has been shipped?


Shipping times vary based on the destination. Destinations closer to the East Coast take approximately 3-4 Business Days, the Midwest 5-6 Business Days, and the West Coast 7-8 Business Days from the point of shipment.


5. Which carrier do you use to ship?


​Canada Post in Canada, and FedEx Ground for packages destined for the USA.


6. How much will I be charged for shipping?


​Shipping is charged by the carrier based on the destination, and weight and dimensions of the items being shipped. As you can imagine, this varies from package to package. 


The approximate shipping charge is $90 CAD, although this could be more or less depending on the destination and items being shipped.


7. Will I receive a tracking number for my order?


Yes. As soon as your shipment is ready, we will get in touch with a tracking number for your order. You can use this to monitor the progress of your shipment.


8. I won't be home when the courier delivers the package, can you remove "Signature Request" on delivery?


Every single package that we ship out comes with Signature Request, meaning you have to sign on delivery to receive the package. If you do not want "Signature Request" you may let us know when placing your order. However, we are not responsible for lost/missing packages that are left on your doorstep.


9. I would like my package shipped in two days/overnight. Can you do that?


Two Day and International shipping options are available, but are incredibly expensive. We highly recommend that you take the time to plan for your special occasion by placing your order sooner rather than later to avoid dissapointment.


10. How long will the products last?


Our products are perishable in nature and will be fresh for 7 days in their original packaging from the date of delivery. To extend the shelf life of the snacks and sweets, please store them in the fridge.


11. Will items like Kai Murukku break in transit?


​Our special packaging material and method has ensured that all of our customers to date have received items like Kai Murukku intact without any breakage whatsoever. While we cannot guarantee no breakage, our customers' testimonials are a testament to this fact. Please see their reviews here.


12. There is an item I would like, but I don't see it in your list of products. Can you make it for me?


Yes! Please e-mail is with the name and quantity of the Snack/Sweet/Seer Bakshanam you are looking for.


13. What is your Cancellation Policy?


Please note that once your order has been placed and confirmed with a Credit Card, it unfortunately cannot be cancelled.

There is much preparation that goes into putting together an order, and we take our commitment to you very seriously. Please be sure of your order before you place it.


14. What is your Return Policy?


Please note that we do not accept any returns.

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